Rosalind Stanley


Rosalind Stanley is a Sydney born and based artist. After two years studying fine arts at Meadowbank TAFE, NSW, she studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the UNSW College of Fine Arts. Since that time she has continued to hone her highly developed skills as a musician and visual artist.

Rosalind portrays scenes of her travels in Australia where her interest in the relationship between light and colour in the Australian landscape encapsulates the connection it has with her life. She strives to capture the emotive experience that these scenes evoke in her. Her works incorporate a wide range of mediums including, stone and wood carving, chalk pastel, charcoal and graphite drawing, digital photo manipulation and tile mosaic, though she works predominantly with oil and acrylic paint and photography.

Musically, Rosalind performs genres such as classical, folk and rock with a variety of instruments including guitar, percussion, piano and vocals. Her music like her artworks conveys a deep connectivity with the emotive quality of sound and its resonance with life experiences.