Allison Reynolds


I had “retired” from working for other people in 2011 due to my MS and had been using my technical skills to maintain some semblance of self worth, and to fill my urge to create. As the years went on I realised that the work was still not making me happy, and that every contact from a customer was as painful as a stab in the heart. On my 50th birthday I vowed I would start doing what I wanted.

But what was that?

I decided that I would give art a go and tracked down the local art group – in March 2016 I first took up a brush in the church hall, and after umming and ahhing, made my first paint marks on paper since early high school. Six months later I won my first art prize, 2nd in the Outback Archies. Maybe I could do art, maybe I could call myself an artist!

In November 2016 I decided that I was going to devote 2017 (and onward) to learning, practicing, and producing art. I have dropped all of my customers and all of my other responsibilities and have the goal of spending at least 4 hours a day devoted to art. I shall also enter more competitions, and be brave enough to put some of my work up for sale.

So here we are – off on the great art adventure!