Off The Wall Gallery began as a reaction to being an artist with disabilities.

My marginalised status, and the symptoms and stigma that accompany that, means that I and artists like myself are statistically less likely to be able to participate in traditional art career building tasks such as:

– attending exhibitions and openings

– networking within the art world and at cultural events

– entering exhibitions and art prizes

– writing and achieving grant applications

– artist residencies

– and more

In order to work with my abilities, rather than against a lack of accessibility and accommodations, I found a site that would enable me to live, create new work, curate & exhibit all in the one space, thereby rendering many of my disabilities more manageable in regards to my artistic practice.

That was the first site of Off The Wall Gallery in 2012, an alternative outdoor popup art space, using projections to create light graffiti or “art-vertising” on a publically viewable wall behind my residence and shopfront art studio. Located next to a train station in busy St Peters/Newtown, approximately a thousand people per hour passed by the main gallery wall during peak hours, which showed exhibitions including both local and international artists who identified as Disabled; BIPOC; LGBTQI+; Fat Activists; and more.

Now in 2020 I have the opportunity to restart a new chapter of OTWG, as a reaction to Covid-19 and the events of the past year.

OTWG is moving online, to become an online artists collective for Artists With Disabilities, working towards Online Exhibitions in 3D, for virtual exhibition online.

Our first project is Off The Wall Gallery Collective:

– 10 Artist Interview Podcasts

– 10 Artist Videos

– 10 Artist Workshops

– 1 Virtual Exhibition


This project is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.