M. Sunflower


M. Sunflower is a culturally diverse Australian artist who identifies as having disabilities.

She is a graduate of Sydney College of The Arts, & inaugural member of Front Up’s Emerge Program, collaborating with the Art Gallery of NSW.

As a descendant of the Aboriginal Warmuli people of the Darug Nation; Lebanese post-war migrants; Chinese gold rush miners & UK convicts, M.Sunflower embodies the diverse ancestral legacy of Australia’s painful & complicated colonial past.

A strong believer in art as activism, this informs her work to fight for human rights & give hope, support & inspiration to marginalised peoples of all identities.

Her interdisciplinary work focuses  on photography, video, multimedia installation, & hybrid art-forms. She uses these tools to explore identity, trauma & disability – to make visible the invisible.

She explores art as a form of self scrutiny, using light as a form of therapy or self examination – a paradigm of the human condition encased in the frame.