How To Exhibit

Off The Wall Gallery is a projector art gallery, making it very simple to exhibit.

Artworks that may exhibited include still images (eg. photographs, paintings, images of sculptures or installations); and  moving images (eg. animations, gifs, or movies).


All images must be suitable for viewing by all ages due to the public nature of the wall.


File Submission:

1) Every image must have a short description/credit to artist

2) File/image must be screen size, 800 X 600

3) Only JPEG (.jpg) will be used for images. GIFs and videos are also encouraged.

4) NO DROPBOX OR EMAIL, LINKS ONLY. If you need a quick host for your images, some options are: flickr, tumblr, wordpress, tinypic, imgur, etc. Video submissions will be requested by USB or dropbox if accepted.

5) We recommend that for optimum screening results that all images are saved at 72dpi.

6) Name your file with your name, title and exhibition title (eg: Smith.Jan.Untitled01.ArtistsWithDisabilities)

7) Entries should be messaged to Off The Wall Gallery at

All other enquiries should be messaged to Off The Wall Gallery at