Obey, A1, 2004

This artwork is about fashion, gender and the power-play attributed to sexuality in our society. The feminine form has been immeasurably fetishized not only in art

but the world at large, and this work could simply be read as an homage to sensuous beauty. But one cannot think of gender without thinking of power. Who has the power? How does one gain it? How did one lose it? Who is in control? In this artwork nobody can be sure.

By combining contemporised text with appropriated vintage photographs I’m trying to question dominance in gender roles in society and the bedroom, and ask how much has truly changed over the years? Are women being objectified and exploited, or by donning the sexual uniform are they seizing carnal authority for themselves? Do fetish fashions hold power in and of themselves, or is it simply what they hide and reveal that allures?

Obey? Who is manipulating whom?