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why and how

Off The Wall both stimulates & diversifies an already existing audience by transforming an underutilised publicly viewed space & turning it into an art gallery. By using a medium traditionally dominated by advertising to exhibit “art-vertising” instead, the thousands of daily passersby are encouraged to engage with art instead of being influenced by advertising.

With thousands of commuters walking by the gallery wall every day, Off The Wall is a unique opportunity to reach viewers in a non-traditional way. On King St, backing onto St Peters Station & neighbouring May Lane graffiti gallery right around the corner, Off The Wall Gallery aims to extend the areas appeal to audiences, & encourage participation by viewers who may not usually attend traditional art galleries.

Additionally, Off The Wall allows artists who may struggle to install & exhibit in a traditional gallery, an easily accessible digitised exhibition platform, contributing to diverse artistic practice.

By focusing curation on themes such as disability, mental health, feminism, body politics, race & other vilified groups, Off The Wall aims to increase the participation of marginalised artists in arts & culture, & increase Australian’s experience of Aboriginal, disabled, feminist & marginalised artists of all kinds.

Off The Wall caters to the specific health needs of the curator, thereby working around the crippling effects of various barriers, including Psychomotor Retardation, Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & more. This allows the development, creation & exhibition of new works by a disabled artist of multicultural & aboriginal descent, in order to increase awareness of & promote discourse about the impact of these & similar disabilities.

Off The Wall also provides a unique platform & modality to attract & exhibit the work of international artists. By allowing artists to upload works for exhibition instead of transporting & installing physical works, Off The Wall aims to develop partnerships with artists & galleries worldwide.